What Real-Life Unconditional Love Looks Like In The BEST Relationships

How happy couples make love work. Romance is amazing. But what if a relationship begins with a romantic start, and after awhile, it's not? When you go out together, it's like a hand in glove. The familiarity is reassuring. But, who wants love that feels like comfort if it ...
06.20.2017 - 1:40 PM Comments: 0
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Flirting Techniques That can Turn Him OFF

7. You try to buy a date. I’ve been there when I was really desperate. I know how bad you have to be in order to think that the only attractive thing about you is the money you make. Buying dates doesn’t work. At best, you’ll have a sugar baby who will bail if you don’t pay them ...
06.6.2017 - 8:29 PM Comments: 0
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