Relationship Perks Of Dating Someone Who’s Already Been Divorced

05.24.2017 - 7:23 PM Comments: 0

You get all the benefits of their past mistakes.

Should you date someone who is divorced? Does it mean the person can’t commit or trashes relationships?

It’s possible that those things are true, but let’s look on the positive side. What are the perks of people who have already been through the mill?

1. Divorced people are no longer living in fantasy land.
A person who is divorced may have made some mistakes, but he or she’s usually got a more realistic picture of what it will take to have a successful relationship.

2. A prior marriage is evidence that your date can commit.
As long as the marriage lasted for a while before the divorce, it’s proof that your date can make a commitment and follow through.

3. Marriage can educate a person about partnership and how it works.
Even though the previous marriage didn’t work out, both partners probably learned some valuable things about relating to a partner. Even if it’s only what doesn’t work, you’ll be the beneficiary of that wisdom.

4. Your date may have learned how to communicate and cooperate to run a joint life.
Many divorced people have become good at cooperation. They have experience sharing finances, children, a home and coordinating time schedules. These can be great perks.

5. Your date probably understands the positive side of emotional intimacy.
And they may miss it, which is a great opportunity for you.

6. A divorced person is usually housebroken.
He or she knows how to not live like a single person and how it feels to have a nice, well-kept home and a full refrigerator.

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