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He walked into the kitchen to find his roommate Jon leaning against the counter top while he browsed through earnings reports on his company laptop. Mason greeted him before he took a seat on a nearby dining room stool. “Jon can I ask you a question bro, I’m dying for some advice with this“It dating rough spot” he declared. The roommate closed his laptop and let out a large sigh. “Honestly dude, it’s not that simple to understand, and believe me when I tell you there’s no reason to get worked up over this” replied Jon. He stood up from his work area and walked over to a large wooden liquor cabinet in the corner of the kitchen. I couldn’t really stand here and give you a personalized game plan, things can get quite complicated with women” he said. Jon reached into the case, retrieved two glasses with a small bottle of scotch, and fixed a couple of mixed beverages for them. “That’s not how it seemed to be when you and Skyler started dating” Mason quipped. The ice bits in Jon’s freshly made drink chimed as he glanced over its brim and smirked. “Well now, I would not look to me and my own girlfriend’s relationship as your average example” he explained. Mason slouched over one of the kitchen’s bar stools as his frustration rapidly morphed into depression. He felt as if his issues were only being humored by every friend he had consulted with. The young man knew that his roommate had never experienced any significant problems with “picking up” women, rather it be on or offline. Jon didn’t mean any harm, he simply could not fully comprehend his roommate’s struggles with finding success in online dating. He moved over to Mason and placed his hand on the young man’s shoulder in a show of comfort. “Alright man I’ll level with you, here’s one honest suggestion as to what I’d do in your shoes” he said. Mason looked up with a hopeful expression and listened intently. “You should probably try to meet more girls outside of the internet, I know it’s easier said than done it would help a ton if you asked me” he proclaimed. Mason finished his drink and slammed the empty glass down on the counter. “Thanks, Jon always good to have such helpful insight and wisdom from someone who has one hundred times more experience than me” he grumbled. Jon took a step back and rolled his eyes. “That was a serious suggestion, you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over then expect a different outcome” Jon declared. Mason solemnly stood up from the kitchen stool and headed towards the apartment’s staircase. “Gotcha bro, thanks again for all of your wonder help, cellphone said sarcastically. He moped all the way back into his bedroom, locked the door, and collapsed on the bed. The young man reached into his pocket, grabbed his cellphone and opened up a dating app to his personal profile page. “No new notifications” read the phone. Mason silently stared at the phone’s brightly lit screen in silence for a few moments. Jon’s endearing words of advice echoed throughout his mind. He brought up the app’s uninstall window and removed it from his phone. “That’s not the right way for sure” he mumbcell phone softly dropped to the carpet below. He laid on his bed and absorbed an overwhelming sense of defeat. The young man knew he had to let go of online dating hopes for now. He was not sure how exactly but he was going to go out into the world and would build a real connection with someone. “There will be a better tomorrow” he thought to himself.

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