Meeti is your handy helper for meeting live people!

05.8.2017 - 2:33 PM Comments: 0

Newly launched for iPhones, this app is your handy helper for meeting live people who you can look in the eye. Personal meetings on a social or business scale can be made using Meeti. If you are part of an Organization, Club, or Group, you now have help matching up with the right people and meeting them for business conferences, B2B, events, parties, and appointments. You can use the app to match up with people who share similar interests, values, goals, passion, sports affiliations, and hobbies.

With Geo-Location through GPS and networks, along with your device, this app affords users faster navigation.

Anyone older than 18 wishing to meet people all over the globe can do it now with Meeti. The app is secure, with a 3-step person verification process. Thanks to recent updates, links are active in Meeti description and there is App optimization. You can also modify the Meeti description to suit your meeting goals.

While Meeti is a Meet Free App, subscription plans are available for an upgrade. Use the app features to realize your dream to be a new Meeti and become an organizer.

Get ready to link arms, shake hands, break bread and sit across the table with people you know or want to get to know. Get ready to meet and mingle – with Meeti APP.

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