Why Use Meeti App?

05.7.2017 - 11:34 AM Comments: 0

Scheduling meetings and making love connections in person just got easier with the new, free to download Meeti APP. Available on the Apple Store, this new dating application and business meeting application makes it even easier than ever before to arrange your live meetings, find optimal places to meet, find friends to hang out with and locate nearby events and fun activities. Each Meeti member is able to create or accept up to 50 free Meeti.

You know you want to meet people, humans are social beings. Social media doesn’t typically spawn true friendships, but with Meeti App, you can meet potential friends live and in person. This is the time-tested way to form lasting friendships. Meeting someone and looking them in the eye, hanging out together in person.

Porch swings and parlor dates are no longer the order of the day. The Meeti app gives you a real shot at finding and meeting real love in the flesh.

In order to solve your dilemma on where to meet, this app, which is free of advertisements and ads, is perfect for suggesting hotspots and places of interest for your meeting with live people in real time and at attractive places.

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