Meeti App. How to meet new frinds?

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Meeti Application Helps Meet People Live. See Inside.

Meeti is the best way to meet new people, expand your network and schedule face-to-face meet-ups.
Meeti is an application with a simple goal in mind, to help you arrange real-life meetings with other people for personal, dating, fun or business. In a new era of technology, the way people communicate has changed. Many people are either too busy with work or tend to prefer electronic communication like email and text message.

But Meeti believes that the value of face-to-face interaction is much more important in a world where everyday experience is becoming more digitalized. So Meeti was born out of a desire to solve the difficult problem for how people can meet each other in this new world.

Using Meeti is as easy as downloading the app from the store and registering with a phone number. After you complete filling out the information on your profile and uploading a real picture of yourself, you can start browsing people around and arrange live meetings.

Meeti is integrated with your phone book, so you can use it to arrange meetings with your friends as well as new people you meet through the app.
Meeti does not support chat because it believes in the value of face-to-face interaction and instead focuses on connecting people to create real life meetings. Meeti believes in real personality, feeling and love. When someone confirms your meeting request, Meeti will trade phone numbers for you to better facilitate a seamless, natural connection. Before going on your meeting, be sure to read the Meeti Safety Tips so you don’t get in trouble!

When you sign up a new account on Meeti you get 50 free Meeti that let’s you accept or create new live communication experiences. Meeti cost $1 per meeting so that it better ensures that the person you are meeting with is an actual, love person and not a fake request. Meeti donates 10% of its overall profit to charities that help children and animals without homes.
Download Meeti today and change your life with the ability to arrange amazing communication experiences with real feeling. Never let the barriers of your busy life get in the way again! Be social, enjoy your life and be Meeti!

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