What does communication mean for you?

03.27.2017 - 6:46 PM Comments: 0

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks are very popular on our planet and in our life. Every second thousands of people browse advertising news, photos of their friends and other random information. And have you ever thought, how much useless information do you get every day? I want to tell you, that it is extremely distracting. That unwittingly takes precious time … So here is my question: What does communication mean for you? Communication is a kind of exchange of information. It has a specific purpose: to teach, educate, introduce. Correspondence in social networks is also an exchange of knowledge, but the experience is only virtual. However, more effective still is a real communication. This is the kind of communication when a person can give his knowledge and make his educational needs. We thought, how to use a global network to combine these two types of communication and make it as effective. We performed a difficult job to activate a large number of resources. As a result, it was created a new Meeti application. Meeti is a revolutionary product that allows you to negotiate a real meeting with friends and absolute strangers. You can visit somebody’s meeting or create your own. Also, each user chooses a category and subject of the meeting. Easy in using provides the requirements of any user. It is very convenient, especially for those who work in large companies. Try it and you will get a great Ń€leasure.

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