What are your anti-stress methods?

03.17.2017 - 10:47 AM Comments: 0

When I’m sad, I take my phone and call my mom, because she always knows what to say and can make me smile. And what are your anti-stress methods? Do you call your close ones, friends or just punch a boxing pear? We suggest trying a new way that can take you out of your stress, new communication experience – Meeti APP. The app can help you find a lot of new friends and just interesting people. People at Meeti realize the real need of communication. That’s why while working on the app our main goal was helping people to arrange a personal face to face meetings. Also, did you know that online communication steals from you? More that 30% of the information we receive from emotions and gestures, and it is lost online. You will communicate with different categories of people and for sure it’s invaluable experience for everyone. The app offers several meetings categories personal or public, business. Real meetings ensure the big changes in your life and Meeti APP ensures the best organization of face to face communication! Find a minute and try it, you’ll like it!

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