Do we still need meetings?

03.10.2017 - 1:24 PM Comments: 0

Everyone uses a lot of different gadgets and applications during the day. Some of them are important, some not, but we can’t imagine our life without them because they are part of our everyday life. But we at Meeti APP were thinking and investigating a lot about real personal meetings. Are they still important for our life? Do we still need face to face meetings? And the answer is YES, of course! We found that communication problems are growing from year to year because people communicate with each other not so frequently, openly and sincerely. We still need face to face communication, we still need new meetings with new people. So, working in that way we created Meeti APP, the application that will help you acquire new meetings with new people. We offer nice looking and friendly application which goal is to help people understand each other better. As we say it “All you need is Meet”. And that’s true! Simple steps on your way to new Meet’s. Download application, enter some data about yourself and your interests. This way you can find people with similar interests and arrange a meeting. Meeti APP is the best solution for face to face meetings! Download and see!

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